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Thank you for visiting Security Administrative Services (SAS). We administer benefits for employers.

Use our website for easy access to the information you need to care for your patients. In addition to 24/7 online access, you’ll find what you need to verify eligibility, confirm benefits and check claims status via the Internet.

To ensure prompt and accurate service and payment, please check the member's current ID card. The information on the ID card makes it easier to obtain the information you need and file claims, which should be submitted with the Provider’s NPI Number and Tax ID Number. To maximize efficiency, please submit claims with the correct member number and group number as they appear on the ID card.

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Marshfield Clinic Health System health insurance - To access patient eligibility and verification information for patients who have health insurance provided by Marshfield Clinic Health System click here. To view a list of services that requires pre-certification for Marshfield Clinic Health System click here.

To access patient eligibility and verification information for any other groups click here. To view a list of services that require pre-certification click here.

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